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Fingerstyle Demo  (Dadgad)
Junebug is a very simple tune to play.  The tuning is Dadgad,
with the Harmonic Capo engaged on the "adgad" strings.

Nearly two thirds of the notes in this tune are harmonics.

Watch the video, and if you want to try playing Junebug, the
tab is
Flat-picking Demo  (Dadgad)
Grasshopper is the closest I've ever come to bluegrass.

Listen to the audio with your eyes closed and try to
picture in your mind how your hands would have to move
to play it.  Then watch.  Not what you expected, is it?

The Harmonic Capo lets you reach harmonics quickly,
no matter where your hands are.
Electric Guitar Demo  (Eadgbe)
Tapping Demo  (DAdgde)
All of the Van Halen-esque stuff at the beginning is
played by tapping and pulling off with the right hand, then
tapping with the left hand.

That gives you fast triplets where the middle, pulled-off
note is always a harmonic.

No problem playing on both sides of the capo either.
The Harmonic Capo comes with six soft rubber pads,
one for each string.  In this tune, the two lowest strings
are disengaged while the higher strings are engaged.

When the left hand pulls-off the high E string, the pitch
goes UP to the harmonic, but when the right hand
pulls-off the low D string, the pitch goes DOWN to the
normal open string pitch.  Disorienting... but cool!
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Tap Dance was the tune that made Bob famous on YouTube.  In these two videos,
Bob demonstrates exactly how to play it.  You can follow along with the tab
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