Bob Kilgore's Harmonic Capo
The one and only capo that plays harmonics!
"the coolest capo
- and maybe the coolest gadget of any type -
that we've seen in a long time."
Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine, October 2008
Learn all about the Harmonic Capo below!  Watch our
videos, then read what the gear reviews had to say.
Strap on the Harmonic Capo on over the 12th fret and let the magic begin!
This brief video demonstrates some of the crazy possibilities available.  Yes,
you can play below it and when you pull off a string, the pitch goes UP!
Tuning is AAdeae, with the Harmonic Capo applied on the "deae" strings.
Watch this tutorial by the inventor of the Harmonic Capo to learn the basics.  
Bob Kilgore demonstrates how the Harmonic Capo works in detail on both
acoustic and electric guitars.
Tuning is CGdgde on the acoustic guitar, standard tuning on the electric.
The Harmonic Capo does NOT work on all guitars.  Watch the video below
to find out what the issues are and how to tell if your guitar will play nice with
the Harmonic Capo.  
PLEASE watch this before you buy!
Playing harmonics with your hands requires just the right touch to get clear,
ringing tones.  It's the same with the Harmonic Capo. Watch this video to
learn how to adjust your Harmonic Capo for just the right touch.
You Pay:  $34.95 (USD)
What other people are saying about the Harmonic Capo...
"incredibly addictive"
Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine, October 2008
"...incredible - you can combine
fretted notes and harmonics in ways
that would be flat-out impossible by
any other means."
Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine, October 2008
"Accessory of the Year?"
Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine, April 2008
"The Harmonic Capo is one of
those ingeniously simple gizmos
that makes you smack yourself
on the forehead and say, 'Now
why didn't I think of that?'"
Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine, April 2008
"All told, the Harmonic Capo is a
clever, simple device that brings
new, interesting sounds to the
guitar lexicon.  I give it a big
thumbs up."
Pete Prown, Vintage Guitar Magazine, April 2008
"... you'll be rewarded with
unique sounds that would be
difficult or impossible to achieve
in any other way."
Teja Gerken, Acoustic Guitar Magazine, November 2008
"...a novel and inexpensive way of
creating some truly intriguing
performance effects."
Paul White, Sound On Sound Magazine, November 2009
"This, my friends, is a truly brilliant
idea for guitar players and is very
highly recommended!"
Brian Scherzer, The Gear Page
"It's a one-trick pony, but it's a
really good trick.  ... brings fun
back to the workhorse capo."
Adrian Legg, Performing Musician Magazine
"It blows the roof off what the
guitar can do and puts it back
on upside down."
Mike Anderson